Optimize your scrap metal
sorting operation with SCRAPYARD®

Ensure your scrap metal sorting process through SCRAPYARD® to maximize the efficiency of the electric arc furnace melting process and guarantee the quality of the steel produced.

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SCRAPYARD® is the ideal solution to optimize your scrap management and sorting process. With technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, SCRAPYARD® gives you the opportunity to obtain a holistic assessment of the entire process involving supplier quality, processing times, material physics and chemistry, as well as volume and homogeneity.


Every module of SCRAPYARD® is designed to achieve the highest quality and efficiency in your material sorting processes.

SCRAPYARD® is your reliable source of data

Get a digitized evidence repository to trace scrap from entry, classification, and management to exit.

SCRAPYARD® reduces the likelihood of fraud

Close any security gaps that may result in fraud or inefficiency in your processes.

Increase your operation's efficiency through SCRAPYARD®'s various modules

High Precision

Our Machine Learning models ensure accuracy rates exceeding 95% in predicting scrap type.

Time and Resource Savings

We implement AI algorithms to automate the entry workflow, freeing up human resources for higher-value tasks and speeding up the sorting and detection of hazardous elements.

Maximize Benefits

Proper management and classification of your materials will enhance your operational and quality indicators to the highest international standards.


We can train our models to adapt to the different types of metallic scrap you require.

Soporte experto

You're not alone on this journey. Our team of Industrial Analytics experts is ready to provide training, technical support, and continuous updates to ensure you harness the full potential of SCRAPYARD®.

Minimize the likelihood of fraud in the classification of scrap and scrap metal.
disputes with internal areas and suppliers.

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